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We provide all types of legal services according to clients' requirements, through one-time consultations, representation in specific court or administrative proceedings and also in the form of long-term cooperation.  We endeavour to find the optimal solution for every legal issue while maintaining a personal approach to the client and professionalism, both from the point of view of our specialism and with respect for the ethical rules relating to advocacy performance.

We offer complex legal services in Civil, Criminal and Administrative Law, including Corporate Law.

We provide legal services to natural persons and legal entities and also to entities operating in the public sector, in particular municipalities concerning the disposal of their property and subsidies from national sources and European funds.

We are able to provide legal services in English, Spanish and German languages.


Labor Law

  • Complex consultancy for employers and employees
  • Drawing up of labour documents – employment contracts, managerial contracts, conditions of employment
  • Lodging claims for invalid employment termination
  • Commencement, change and termination of employment
  • Agreements on material responsibility
  • Work performed outside the employment relation
  • Job-related injuries and compensation for damages

Family Law

  • Representation in divorce proceedings, proceedings for  arrangement of relations with minor children, drawing up of respective agreements
  • Representation in proceedings to determine, increase and decrease  alimony for children, spouse, divorced spouse
  • Solving of issues related to marital property rights – drawing up of agreements, representation in court proceedings

Criminal Law

  • Criminal Law legal advice
  • Filing of qualified complaints
  • Complex defence of clients in criminal proceedings (representation of defendants in preliminary proceedings, defence of the charged in criminal proceedings in courts of all instances)
  • Ordinary and extraordinary remedies
  • Alternative methods of conclusion of criminal proceedings
  • Lodging and enforcement of claims by aggrieved and concerned parties
  • Juvenile criminal proceedings
  • Imprisonment and enforcement of sentence
  • Representation against state with claims for damages

Administrative Law

  • Misdemeanor Law including representation in misdemeanor proceedings
  • Trade Law including representation in matters under the Trade Licensing Act
  • Taxes and Fees
  • Building Law including representation in zoning, building and approval procedures
  • Actions against decisions of administrative bodies, protection against inactivity and illegal actions of administrative bodies
  • Administrative Justice – representation in proceedings in administrative courts of all instances
  • Remedies in administrative proceedings (appeal, remonstrance, reopening of trial, cassation complaint)
  • Issues related to execution of decisions of administrative bodies

Public Contracts

  • Legal advice to contractors and suppliers within public procurement
  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Preparation of related contractual documents
  • Fulfilment of registration duties
  • Assessment and evaluation of tenders within tender procedure
  • Supervision of implementation of public contracts
  • Representation at the Office for the Protection of Competition

Debt Collection

  • Legal analysis and suggestion of solution, including possible implementation of suitable debt securing
  • Supervision of debt maturity and reminders to pay due debts
  • Legal proposal of financially beneficial manner of debt collection
  • Debt collection in court
  • Negotiations on sale of debts
  • Securing of enforcement of judgment and distraint of debtor’s assets (warrant sale and seizure by bailiff)
  • Registration of debts in bankruptcy, asserting claims in liquidation
  • Informing client of situation of collected debts 

Real Estate Law

  • Complete legal services in real estate management
  • Complete legal services related to purchase, sale, lease, sublease and other operations connected with real estate
  • Drawing up of contracts (purchase agreements, deeds of gift, mortgage contracts and others) and legal analyses
  • Representation in suits relating to real estate
  • Drawing up of Escrow agreements and legal custody of funds
  • Provision of legal aid concerning settlement of co-ownership

Escrow Services

  • Custody of funds within civil relations (e.g. sale or purchase of real estate)
  • Custody of funds within business relations (e.g. in the case of transfer of business share)
  • Custody of securities (shares, bills of exchange)
  • Custody of documents (contracts etc.)

Corporate Law

  • Consultations and legal advice on foundation, functioning and restructuring of companies
  • Consultations and legal advice concerning changes of company instruments of incorporation
  • Organisation of General Meetings
  • Other services that are subject to the Business Corporations Act

Asylum Law

  • Complete legal services concerning long-term and permanent residence in the Czech Republic
  • Representation in administrative proceedings in residential matters
  • Assistance in applying for and obtaining work permits for foreigners outside EU

Health Law

  • Compensation for bodily injury
  • Healthcare settlements
  • Claims arising from inspections carried out by health insurance companies at contractual partners